Let's face it folks. Hugh Hefner is just a dirty old man, trying to keep his manhood up by marrying a young woman 60 years younger.

Dirty old men like Hefner get disappointed when they cannot summon the manhood they once did and Crystal Harris clearly copped herself on before the ridiculous marriage went ahead.

Hefner has made a living out of nubile young women which is fair enough, but when it gets to marrying one of them while he is in his eighties, then we have the 'yuck' factor.

Crystal no doubt heard all the old stories about old age creeping up on her and Hefner surely needed a boatload of Viagra to keep pace with his hot young bride-to-be.

Except she is no longer .

She bailed out on the Playboy,leaving a sad old man in her wake.

That is what it is like when you are over the hill, past your peak, Gonzo.

Hefner can surely console himself with other lovelies but the harsh and bitter truth must have hit home.

As the old Irish song puts it;

'Maid when you're young never wed an old man"


'He's got no falorum, he's lost his dingdorum day'

Poor old Hef.