Woopsey! Cutie Niall Horan slips up.
Whether you think they’re a little over sensitive or not One Direction fans have been raising their eye brows as Niall Horan refered to the bands diehard fans as “mofos”.

The band are currently in New York as part of their extensive tour and they’re being swamped by fans everywhere they go. The crowds of One Directioners have also found out where the band are staying and they seem to just be camped outside the hotel shrieking.

After hours of noise and singing outside Horan tweeted “love all you mofo's..can hear u singing outside the hotel.”

The International Business Post even waded in for Pete’s sake. They said that some considered the tweet to be mocking the band’s loyal fans.

Whether the One Directioners were insulted or not it didn’t stop #NiallsMofo from trending on Twitter. In fact many of his fans are calling themselves Niall’s mofos.

I would think that the Mullingar meant no harm by his fly-away comment. In fact if I was him, with thousands of screaming fans following him around the world, I’d probably be calling them a lot worse!

It’s all been blown up into something more serious than it actually is now. According to Gather.com “there was some speculation that Niall's management might make him delete the tweet.”

Give me a break!

Do you think the fans should be insulted?