Did the fact that his wedding day anniversary Megan McAllister was set for August 10 prove the final straw for Craigslist killer Philip Markoff?

Megan McAllister finally broke off with Markoff after visiting him in prison on April 29th.

It was around that time that Markoff first went on suicide watch after marks were discovered on his neck, believed to be caused by trying to hang himself with bootlaces.

When he was first accused Irish American Megan had resolutely defended him, saying he was innocent and blaming the tabloid press for their coverage of the case.

However, friends say she gradually began to see the truth as more details came out about his double life.

For a very smart woman like McAllister, a medical student, to discover she was being so totally duped must have been a devastating shock.

When she visited Markoff in prison in Boston she was not wearing the engagement ring he had given her--a clear sign she had come there to break up with him finally.

Their wedding date was set for August 10 2009 and Markoff finally took his own life around the time of the first anniversary .

For his distraught former fiancee it will surely be seen as a blessing in the future.

She has received closure on what has been an utter nightmare passage in her life, one she certainly never deserved.