It's been in the pipeline for some time but it seems that Demi Lovato has finally canceled her Twitter account.

The Disney Channel star had recently mentioned that she would cancel her account but now she had made good on her threat. Why she did it is still up for speculation but it seems that it might be because of rumors circulation about her and Justin Bieber's relationship after they were spotted spending some time together. There is also rumors still circulating about her relationship with Joe Jonas.

However it also seemed that Lovato was taking the stories in good spirits and she even published a photo of a fan proposing to her earlier this week.

Last year "Hannah Montana" aka Miley Cyrus also removed her Twitter account last year saying that she planned to spend more time with her actual friends and she encouraged others to do the same. 

As the Disney actress' start to jump ship on Twitter could this mean that other celebrities will quit the Tweeting generation?