Dawn O'Porter says Irish hubby 
Chris O’Dowd makes her broody

The 34-year-old TV presenter fears getting pregnant could ruin her career at a time when it's just beginning to peak but is certain she wants children with her husband Chris O'Dowd at some point in the near future.
Speaking to Stylist magazine, Dawn said: "I know now for the first time in my life if I get to 50 without having kids, I'll regret it. I look at Chris and think, 'He has to be the father of my children'. He makes me broody. Timing- wise, I feel a bit of pressure.

"My career is the best it's ever been but I need to stop thinking that having kids would be the end of it, as the women I admire with the best careers have all managed to do both. I don't think I'll ever wake up and think, 'Right kids, I'm ready.' I'm going to have to just let it happen."

Dawn married to the 'Bridesmaids' actor on a boat in August 2012, and admits tying the knot with her beau has made her think about the future more.

She explained:"Marriage made me think about the future for the first time, because someone else is so involved in my life."