Dawn O'Porter and Chris O'Dowd
"I had a really successful 20s when I made show after show and had a great time. Then it just all disappeared about four years ago. I moved out to LA and my documentary series didn’t get recommissioned and I lost a magazine column I was writing. There were about two and a half years when I just didn’t work. You get very self-consumed in that time, you presume it’s all over and you get very frightened.’

The couple were married last August.

"We got together just as Chris’s career was taking off, so we experienced it together. “Because it was all happening for him, I still got to live this amazing life," she told RTE.

"I like being fun and Chris is probably a lot more like me than he would care to admit."

 "I read an interview with Chris where he said he wanted three children, which was news to me. I think I’ll be strict enough, but a really good friend to my kids. But then what parent doesn’t say that? I might get some real rotters. But Chris’ll be a brilliant dad. Definitely."