The New York Times story on Governor David Paterson will contain little new information.

"David Paterson is the luckiest politician alive" said a Times staffer. "Nothing we print will be as bad as some of the allegations that are now floating around ."

The paper is in no hurry to print the story on David Paterson according to sources at the newspaper.

They feel that they have been put under entirely artificial deadlines by the plethora of stories that have spilled out across the internet about what the article will eventually reveal about his private life

'Why should we rush into print before we are ready the source continued ."We want the story right and written as accurately as possible."

The person described the media atmosphere as 'like the War of the Worlds story' the fictional account by HG Wells about martians landing that caused panic at the time it was released as a fake radio documentary by Orson Welles in 1938. "It is that crazy' the source said.