Tom Hardy, who plays Bane in "Dark Knight Rises"
The 'Dark Knight Rises' actor has four-year-old son Louis with ex-partner Rachel Speed, and he admits he is concerned he is not with his child often enough, but knows he has to be away to secure his financial future.

He said: "I am very much aware of being a Skype father, which is really sad sometimes. But one reason I'm away so often is to secure enough finances, so that in the future I can choose to go away for shorter periods and command enough money to bring my family with me.

"At the moment I'm just doing what I have to do. And my little boy does have consistency because when I'm away he lives with his mother and her husband."

Now, the British actor is away from his homeland so much he considers the US his home.

He added to Britain's HELLO! magazine: "The more regularly I travel to America, the more like home it becomes. New York is a home and Los Angeles is definitely a home.

"The only thing is that every three years I have to get my visa renewed in order to work here. And because I was such a very naughty boy, I have to go back to the American Embassy every time and I apologize for things I did when I was 12."

Here's the trailer for Dark Knight Rises: