Tony Blair, a British labour politician, was offered nearly $500,000 to appear on the reality show, "Dancing with the Stars."

The Mirror in England quoted executive producer of the show, Conrad Green as saying he wanted to have Blair as one of their contestants.

"Tony, you've done everything you can do as PM, you've done your bit for the Middle East, now come and put some sequins on and have a real life," The Mirror quoted Green as saying.

Green even went as far as saying he would pair up the former Prime Minister with Ukrainian dancer and five-time US National Championship Dance winner Karina Smirnoff.

"I think she would be very happy with him. Tony is very popular in the States and I think he may as well come out here and give it a try," he said.

"Hopefully he might be able to squeeze it in between solving the Palestinian problem and all those other things he's got on," he added.

There has been no word if Blair has accepted or declined the invite.

Now that is a show we wouldn't want to miss.

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