County Derry boy Damian McGinty has made it through to the final of “The Glee Project” and now it looks like he is a real contender for the prize of a position in the cast of Ryan Murphy’s smash hit series. However, you have to wonder whether Alex Newell, Lindsay Pearce and Samuel Larsen have a chance competing against McGinty.

McGinty has already had a professional music career since 2007 with Irish male singing group Celtic Thunder. When he was just fourteen years old Damian McGinty, who has been singing publicly since he was a small child, joined Celtic Thunder.

This group has release six albums, completed US and other international tours and released their own DVDs. Compared to the experience the other finalist have McGinty is far more worldly and will likely be far better able to cope in the dog eat dog world of Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” and showbiz in general.

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For weeks the online forums and comments on blogs have questioned whether the competition has been fixed. Is Damian McGinty, who is wonderfully talented and charismatic, a plant?

When you examine the experience the other competitors have it doesn’t seems like an unreasonable idea. Although they’re also wonderfully talented the other finalists simply don’t have McGinty’s wealth of professional experience.

Samuel Larsen has been playing drums since he was three and the bass from the tender age of 12. Over the years he’s played with local bands and he’s also appeared on “American Idol”. Alex Newell has been involved in musical extracurricular activities since he was a toddler such as church choir and school choir. Also Lindsay Pearce has been involved in music from a young age.

However McGinty has been the member of a hugely successful music group with international notoriety, hardly just high-school music groups and local bands.

Is it fair that he’s competing against these four other “Glee” hopefuls?

Let me know what you think?