Patrick Dempsey
The 'Dallas' star lost his battle with cancer aged 81 in November and Patrick – who has been a close friend of Larry ever since they starred on the original 'Dallas' together – revealed he misses his friend on the set of the reboot since he passed away.

He told the Huffington Post: "I knock on his trailer door every morning. It reminds me of our 35-year relationship. Every time I would go to work, I would knock on his door and go in before I did anything else.

I don't expect him to answer the door - I'm not that crazy - but it's more just my connection with him.”
Patrick says his connection with Larry will last forever and everyone on set is trying to move ahead since his passing.

He added: “I respect the ongoing friendship I have with him that will last in my life until I die. It's just my little moment. If I could have a glass of champagne with him I would.

Everybody loved and respected him so much, and we have this sense that we're still doing Larry's show. That's the best way to do it. It's not shoulders down or sad or solemn - it's just some inappropriate humour that keeps his spirit going really high on set."