Current Hollywood hotshot Emma Stone – star of summer hits such as Crazy Stupid Love and The Help – confessed to the Sunday World in Dublin that she doesn’t have a drop of Irish blood running through her veins, even though she looks like she could have been born on Irish sod.

The freckles and pale skin are all natural, she says, but the red hair is dyed from its original blond, giving her an unmistakable Irish look. And that doesn’t bother her one iota.

“C’mon, look at me, I’m like a walking Irish flag,” she said.  (Real genealogy? Scandinavian.)

“Obviously no one thinks I’m from Ireland once they hear my voice, but they immediately assume it’s my heritage. All my family’s from Sweden – my surname’s really Sten . . . but yeah, the red hair and the freckles . . . it happens that I’m mistaken for being Irish.”

Stone even put her Irish looks to use in front of a casting director who had a love of all things Irish, she says.

“I actually remember going for an audition a while back, and one of the casting directors had a big love of the country or he was Irish himself because he got so excited when he saw me. I pretty much knew that if I played on it I would get the part, so I started talking about my ‘Irish heritage.’”

Stone wouldn’t say what the film was, and the luck of the Irish wasn’t hers as she didn’t get cast.  But she’s hopeful that if a remake of the Irish classic Ryan’s Daughter is ever filmed, she’ll be in line to star.

“One of my favorite movies is Ryan’s Daughter,” she revealed. “So maybe some day if they ever decided to do a remake, my look would help me land the role. Although I don’t know if my accent would quite be up to scratch.”