Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony’s defamation case against her are facing more legal complications as the plaintiffs are now claiming that Anthony is receiving financial support from the Caylee Fund, which was established in order to protect grandparents’ rights and protect exploited children.

The DailyMail reports that Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, whom Casey Anthony falsely claimed was the nanny-turned-kidnapper of young Caylee, is suing Casey Anthony for defamation after Fernandez-Gonzalez was evicted, fired and received death threats in relation to the bogus accusation.

As part of her legal assault on Anthony, Fernandez-Gonzalez has asked the presiding judge in the case, Lisa Munyon, to grant access to Anthony’s financial records. Reportedly, the plaintiff feared Anthony would, as she has previously done, plead penury should she lose at trial.

Judge Munyon agreed to let Anthony’s financial records be examined; however, the plaintiff’s discoveries can only be revealed in open court during the trial, which is scheduled for January.

In the wake of Caylee Anthony’s murder, a fund was established by Caylee’s grandparents entitled ‘Caylee’s Fund’ which helps support grandparents’ rights and protect exploited children. The plaintiff’s are angling that the Fund may also be supporting Casey Anthony, who was only recently released from court-ordered probation, making her a free woman.

The Caylee Fund received a sizable donation from Dr. Phil McGraw of $600,000, and surely donations from others. Its website has since been shut down in the wake of the defamation case against Casey Anthony.

The defendants for Anthony argued, unsuccessfully, that where Anthony gets her funds from should she lose the trail is no one’s business as long as she is able to produce the finances needed.