Glenn Beck totaled his jeep - boo hoo
Glenn Beck is lucky to be alive and unharmed after a freak accident occured at his daughter’s wedding last weekend.

While in Finger Lakes, NY for his daughter’s nuptials, Glenn Beck escaped what could have been a tragedy. Having parked his rental SUV on a rain-soaked hill, the car slid down the hill and flipped before landing, totaled.

Beck confirmed the mishap on his Twitter: “So my rental car got totalled this my daughter's wedding.”

On Tuesday, Beck elaborated on his radio show: “'I see my wife dressed in her evening gown from the wedding, and she’s holding on to the door handle of the car as the car is starting to slide down the hill, and I just said "Let it go honey." And the car rolled down the hill, and rolled.  And flipped.”

“I honestly said to the kids, ‘Well let’s go say our prayers, and go to bed,’” said Beck. “It was just one of those days. I watched my car roll down the hill, literally roll.”

Beck went on to praise a member of his security team who jumped into the car, fearing that Beck’s son was still in the back seat: “[He] Got into the front of the car, looked behind him to see if my son was in the back seat... As the car was rolling down, he jumped out of the car just as it started to roll.”

“It was like an action movie.”