Even though Conan O'Brien negotiated that his writers would stay with him when "The Tonight Show" moves over to TBS, Perez Hilton has reported that the long suffering writers will have to endure a serious pay cut.

An "insider" told Perez "This is no surprise. One show was broadcast network; the other is basic cable. It's a different pay scale. It's not just writers; it's everybody. None of this is resolved."

It's hard to know what a pay cut is by their terms though. Conan O'Brien felt hard done by when he walked away from NBC and Jay Leno with $32 million last year. So much so, that he felt entitled to have the entire world feel sorry him. With $32 million in my back pocket I don't think I'd be able to contain my delight!

Maybe the poor writers with TBS will be cut to only $500,000 a year. Poor dears!