Conan O'Brien walking through rainy 
Dublin with daughter Neve
Conan O’Brien used some down time from his TBS gabfest to head over to the ancestral homeland last week, or, as he put it on Twitter, “I am back in Ireland, 150 years after the British made me leave for doing a crappy talk show in the village.”

O’Brien traveled to Dublin with his wife and two kids for a few days of R&R. He also was a guest at Trinity College’s Philosophical Society, the go-to location for celebs these days (Whoopi Goldberg was there last month), to accept an award.

O’Brien and his clan happily walked the streets of Dublin, and Conan had his camera out to share some snaps on his Twitter account. One pic was of a “preschool” in Dublin (actually a pub), and another showed the store Knobs and Knockers on Nassau Street, which he captioned, “I’m furious. I went into this store in Dublin and it was NOT what I expected.” Hardee, har har!

The O’Briens bunked at the Merrion Hotel during their three days in the Irish capital, and O’Brien said that he was glad to be back among his people.

"I love it here, I'm 100 percent Irish, every single one of us in my family is, so it's really wonderful to be here. When I was asked to come along I just thought, 'I have to go to Dublin,’” he said.

"The air just feels right here. I live in Los Angeles so my body has been telling me, 'You have to get out of here.’ I think I'll come back and probably impose on people and just stay on their couch."

Conan filmed a segment for his show at the Guinness Storehouse, so look out for it.