Bono's Broadway production of the Spider-man musical ran into a lot of problems before it finally hit the stage this week. But it seems CoCo has managed to upstage the U2 singer by broadcasting his own low-budget production of the musical.

Conan O'Brien revealed the “exclusive preview” on his show last Tuesday night.

It looks like audiences are in for a real treat with this singing Spider-man “I'm Spidey, Spidey, I'm mighty, mighty, and I'm here to fighty for what's right-y, right-y”.

The Broadway show, directed by Julie Taymor suffered several delays this week as well as it's excessive $65 million budget.

Offering a lesson in frugality Conan's version looks to be a lot more cost effective with a little boy's Spider-Man costume and the use of Silly String instead of webs.