In her new tell-all book, Colin Farrell’s ex-lover reveals details of her battle with eating disorders, self harm and suicide.

“Your Voice In My Head” by Emma Forrest reveals details of a dangerous lifestyle where she scalded herself in hot baths to “hurt” in an act of masochism.

Her book charts the relationship with the psychiatrist she calls Dr R, who helped her through dark periods in her life.

Farrell is never directly named in the book, but GH (Gypsy Husband) has to be the Dubliner, whom she dated for a year.

In her honest account she reflects on the destructive time of her life.

“Time heals all wounds. And if it doesn’t, you name them something other than wounds and agree to let them stay,” she recalls.

“If killing yourself is not an option any more, you have to sink into the dark instead and make something of it.”

On her own blog, the British journalist openly spoke about her motivation: “Writing this memoir kept my head above water. It saved me. Which is great, but why publish it? There’s the idea it may help other people. But, truthfully, the more I’ve turned the question over in my head, the more I have just one answer: because I’m a writer.”