Colin Farrell
A new movie starring Irish actor Colin Farrell will bring the story of how the Ottoman Empire helped Ireland during the Great Famine to the big screen, according to a Turkish website.

The film, which is at the early stages of production, will be a joint venture between the Irish and Turkish film sector, reports.

The $50 million blockbuster will include an all-star cast line up including Dublin born Farrell and Oscar nominated Saoirse Ronan and  ‘Game of Thrones’ star Sean Bean.

Ömer Sarıkaya, the film’s Turkish script writer and project manager confirmed the contract with the Independent Film Development Corporation (IFDC).

The movie will tell the love story of Fatih, an Ottoman sailor, and Mary, an Irish native set during the Great Famine, when they Ottoman Empire delivered aid to Ireland.

“With Famine we aim to provide an insight on a lesser-known aspect of this dark and sad period in the world history. Mary will be played by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan while Fatih and Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid will be portrayed by Turkish aces Özçivit and İmirzalıoğlu, respectively,’ Sarıkaya said.

According to the Turkish news website the shooting of ‘Famine’ is to start this October with the film being shot on location in Ireland and Turkey.