Colin Farrell by Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Irish hunk Colin Farrell gave the folks working at a multiplex movie theater outside Toronto a big thrill when he showed up with his sister Claudine on Saturday night for a showing of Brad Pitt’s Moneyball.

Farrell walked into the place wearing a large hat to hide his face, but his expensive looking boots and Irish accent gave his identity away when he went to the popcorn counter at the theater in Mitchell, Ontario. Rather than harassing the star, though, the star-struck girls behind the counter called their boss to let him know that a VIP was in the house.

“He was just very charming and very nice,” Jeff Logan, owner of the Logan Luxury 5 Cinema, told the Mitchell Republic. “It was great fun, and exciting for the staff.”

The counter person waiting on Farrell “didn’t want to appear unprofessional,” she said, and Logan himself waited until the movie was over to see if his staff was right in pegging Farrell as the mystery guest.

Farrell owned up and then chatted with the staff. He also posed for pictures.
“He was really, really sweet,” said Mauli Delaney, who waited on him at the counter. “He was very sweet, very kind.”

Farrell gave a special shout-out to the theater’s popcorn (he also ordered Peanut M&Ms and a soda). Logan brought the popcorn chef for the night out to meet Farrell.
“Well, I like your work, man,” Farrell said to him.

“Well, I like yours, too,” replied Adam Schorzmann.

“He was actually pretty modest. Kinda quiet and real nice. He posed for a few pictures for us,” Schorzmann said.

Farrell was in Toronto to film the remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall, which is due out next year. No word on what he thought of Pitt’s performance in Moneyball.

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