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After meeting on the Graham Norton Show last December, Rihanna and Colin Farrell seemed to have hit it off straight away.

A source close to Rihanna says the pair have spent three nights together in the past two weeks alone.
“Colin isn't her usual type, but she's always liked him and he makes her laugh,' a pal told Now magazine in the UK.

 "They were flirting up a storm on The Graham Norton Show.

"Afterwards in the green room, Colin asked her if she'd go for a cup of tea.

"She was in hysterics! It was the sexiest, most heart-meltingly sweet thing a guy's ever asked her to do.

"Especially when Colin, who's working hard on his sobriety, explained he couldn't go to a bar.

"They went back to her hotel and talked late into the night.

'Then he went to the bathroom and when he came back he handed her a folded note and kissed her on the cheek before wishing her good night. "It read: "Call me: I won't stop thinking about you until you do."

"Four weeks later they saw each other in LA and Rihanna stayed at his house and they've met a few times since.

"She's really smitten by his charisma, his old-fashioned manners and sexy Irish accent."

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