Before the VMAs this year MTV caught up Irish Canadian model, Coco Rocha, to ask her what she thought Lady Gaga would wear to the awards this year.

Some of her outfits in the past have shocked and wowed. For example there was the Kermit the Frog outfit the face full of pearls but the dress of meat seems to have really caught people's attention. As much as people are giving out about it you can't deny that it has caused a stir.

Coco Rocha presented the "Red Carpet Report" and she mused over what Lady Gaga might have worn this year.

She said "I've been thinking about Lady Gaga, and I feel like she's going to come as her alter ego. I think she's going to come as the male version...Or, plain, simple. I don't think she's going to try and go above and beyond again. She's done it."

Apparently she had not done. I think she has now though!