Recently Fox News Senior National Correspondent John Roberts (54) and his fiancée CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips (42) welcomed fraternal twins into the family.

Phillips spoke to Baby Scoop about her childrens' special Irish names. Her daughter is named Sage and her son Kellan.

She said “Sage means “wise,” and “prophet.” I have always loved the spiritual meaning of Sage and it fits her personality perfectly. Kellan is Irish for “mighty warrior,” and boy, does that fit him perfectly! He was feisty in the womb and he has been feisty since he was born.”

Of course Roberts has big plans for Phillips, the new mom on Mother's Day. She said "John always plans special surprises. He is incredible with that. I have no doubt he’ll bless me with a memorable and loving first Mother’s Day.”

She said that come Father's Day she'll...or rather Sage and Kellan will return the favor. "Oh yes! But it’s a big surprise. Don’t want John to read about it, but Sage and Kellan have it all planned out.”