Christy Moore

Radio Ulster DJ, Gerry Anderson, got into some hot water this week having aired Christy Moore’s raunchy song “Weekend in Amsterdam” on BBC radio before lunchtime. Moore’s tune describes Amsterdam’s cannabis smoking, public drunkenness and dancing with transvestites while using rude language.

In the legendary Irish musicians world renowned style he tells an entire story through his song of a lads “Weekend in Amsterdam” however this early in the day listeners didn’t see the funny side of the tune.

A Belfast Telegraph reader said “Surely this must be the most obscene song ever broadcast on BBC Radio Ulster.

“No bleeps either, mind.

“And at a time too when people were tuning in to hear about the health service reforms.”

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The DUP’s Gregory Campbell said “I would like to hear straight from him as to whether he was aware of the entirety of the lyrics when he played it…It’s conceivable, though not likely, that he could have put a track on without knowing all of what was on the track. It would be helpful if he could explain that.

Anderson declined to comment on his choice of song.

Here’s Christy Moore’s song “Weekend in Amsterdam” judge for yourself: