"X Factor" UK star Christopher Maloney
This season of the UK ‘X Factor’ has gained an impressive frontrunner - 34 year old Christopher Maloney, a shy Liverpool native with Irish roots who is a customer service advisor.

Maloney claimed the hearts of the audience when he appeared on stage so shaky that he could barely hold his microphone.

"Are you shaking?" judge Tulisa Contostavlos asked, to which Maloney responded, "I'm really really nervous, yeah.”

Maloney explained that he had downloaded the application for ‘X Factor’ four times in the past, filled it out, only to rip it up once it was in the envelope. He said his apprehension to audition was because he had been made fun of in the past and didn’t think he was that great.

However, his nan Pat was by his side - well, backstage - cheering him on as his number one fan.

After chatting nervously with the judges, Maloney performed a rendition of Bette Midler’s ‘The Rose’ that left judges’ jaws gaping and the audience in tears. The four judges gave the shy performer a standing ovation after his stunning song, which left Maloney in tears as well.

"Oh my God," Maloney mouths as the tears begin to flow.

"Christopher, how old are you?" judge Gary Barlow asked.

"Thirty-four," Maloney said.

"How the hell have you kept that voice hidden 'til now?"

Check out the heartwarming video here: