It's the Tea Party look, that will surely sweep conservative women everywhere as THE look for the Fall elections. Lady Gaga may wear a dress made of meat but for Tea Party ladies, Conservative chic is in in style and political outlook.

It is personified by the two women at the head of the Tea Party surge, Irish Americans Christine O'Donnell and Sarah Palin

Here are the rules according to the Guardian newspaper

The Hair

Must be blow dried, in the case of O'Donnell, no frills or fancy dos, brown shoulder length hair. Palin has the swept back look, not a hair out of place. Both styles say conservative values

The Lipstick

Palin loves lots of glossy pink and O'Donnell appears to like the same just not as flashy.

The Pearls

Pearls are the tie dye of the hippie movement for the Tea Party ladies. conservative and prim and proper just iike the views of the Tea Party candidates

The Clothes

Gotta be red, Palin's trademark color. Power dresses the favored regalia. Matching business suit optional

The Glasses.
Palin has made glasses, especially rimless, sexy again. O'Donnell wears them occasionally.