Pop diva Christina Aguilera who stars alongside long-time pop diva Cher in an upcoming musical admitted she would "drink Cher's bath water."

Aguilera, who admits she was super nervous about meeting her icon, Cher, when filming began on their new movie "Burlesque," said she adores the star.

Said Aguilera, 29,: "Part of the reason why Clint Culpepper, President of Screen Gems got Cher on board was because he told her, 'You don't understand - Christina loves you.

"She needs you to be in this movie with her, because she is such a huge fan.

"She would drink your bath water.'

"So when I went to the sound-stage with my son on my hip and my flats on, I was so insecure.

"I was like, 'Hi, Cher. I'm the one that wants to drink your bath water. That's me - the obsessed fan stalker!' We had a good laugh about it."

Aguilera said she had a ball making the movie and is now looking ahead to other exciting times in her life.

She told 'Access Hollywood': "Some moments are harder than others.

"I'm under a lot of stuff right now as far as my work, and balancing everything as a mom.

"My son couldn't be happier.

"Max is growing up with so much love around him and I'm definitely always going to keep it that way.

"I'm looking forward to the movie coming out, and this entire next chapter in my whole life - I really couldn't be more excited."