Chelsea Clinton's wedding will cost $3 million but it is cheap at the price.

At least Chelsea and her beau Marc are not going down the Hello/OK magazine route where they sell the pictures to pay for the nuptials.

No, the money is coming straight out of the pocket of Bill and Hill but they have more than enough.

And what could it be worth to them to see their only daughter, much maligned in teenhood, flower into this beautiful woman who will take her walk down the aisle on Saturday?

Priceless as the Mastercard man might say.

So stop all this nonsense that the wedding is costing too much.

It is worth every dime because because it is their only daughter and she deserves the very best.

Besides, last time I looked Bill was giving billions through his foundation to worthy causes, as well as helping out pro bono in Haiti.

If ever a man deserved a wedding day with his daughter he does.

Hillary could be making millions in the private sector too, but decided on government service.

Chelsea is their only big splash out and she deserves the very best.

So let's hear it for this wedding -- and to hell with the begrudgers.