After months of speculation and rumors about the location of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding some details have been leaked. At last!

Chelsea Clinton is to marry Marc Mezvinsky on July 31 according to sources close to the New York Magazine. It turns out that the wedding will take place in New York City. It was originally thought that the Clinton wedding would take place on Long Island but it seems like the Long Island Expressway is too much of a dress for the wedding.

The insider said “The wedding planner will contact each guest directly a week in advance and let them know where it is…You really see who their closest friends are in the list. It’s not a celebrity driven wedding.”

A top class Massachusetts even planner, Bryan Rafanelli, is organizing the nuptials. Only 400 people have been invited including donors, campaign, State Department, and Clinton Foundation staff, foreign dignitaries and both Clinton and Obama White House officials, but Chelsea says she must personally know every guest.