Charlize Theron pretends to kick Michael Fassbender at the MTV Movie Awards (AP)

Charlize Theron looks like she landed a knee on Michael Fassbender right where it hurts at the MTV Awards on Sunday night, where the two were on hand to promote their film Prometheus which opens this Friday. 

Irish thespian Fassbender, famous for his full frontal in Shame, is still getting ribbed about it. MTV host Russell Brand let him have it good from the stage.

"I think Fassbender should be roundly condemned for profiting from sex addiction," he said.  “I deliberately removed all erotic content from this monologue 'cause he's only there in the second row and if I get him too aroused, I may lose an eye. Fassbender's pink pipe of acting wonder! That's a good skill for an X-Man."

Fassbender laughed, but really, Brand hasn’t been funny in a long, long time. For more with Fassbender, read our interview in this week’s Craic section.