Charlie Sheen

The 'Anger Management' actor has been locked in a bitter feud with his ex-wife for months over who gets to look after their four-year-old twins, Bob and Max, and TV bosses believe the dysfunctional family would make the perfect reality show subjects.

Charlie has been vocal about his feelings toward "Adderall snorting husk" Brooke, the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and the "anus-brain" judge who granted the former actress' brother, Scott, temporary custody of their sons last week.

According to TMZ, TV executives have also asked Dr. Charles Sophy, the Medical Director of the DCFS - who has been heavily involved in the custody case – to appear in the prospective programme.
However, Dr. Sophy was "uninterested" in the idea.

TV heads believe the show has great potential as Charlie, Brooke, and Denise Richards – another of Charlie's ex-wives, who had temporary custody of the twins while Brooke was in rehab – all live in the same gated Los Angeles community. The US production team who are hoping to get the project off the ground also haven't given up on the idea of filming the "crazy stuff" that goes on in Charlie's life.