The actor has recently seen his comedy show ‘Two and a Half Men’ suspended over his wild partying and outrageous antics, but the 45-year-old star insists his behaviour isn’t out of control because his high-profile friends, including the ‘Braveheart’ star and Sean Penn have reassured him he doesn’t have a problem.

He said: “[Mel] was just, you know, not calling for any advice, just like thought you might like to hear a friendly voice. He was a stone cold dude. I was really impressed.

“Sean Penn was over the other night. He was happy to see me. We had a few laughs. We took a photo on the couch. He was on my show, the episode that he did.”

Mel has had to endure troubles in his own personal life. He infamously launched into an obscene anti-Semitic tirade against police officers when he was arrested in July 2006 for driving under the influence (DUI), while in recent months he has been accused by his ex-girlfriend

Oksana Grigorieva of assaulting her and being abusive when drunk.

Charlie – who has been receiving home rehab treatment following several reported alcohol and cocaine binges – also claims known of his closest friends have ever told him he has a problem.

When quizzed on whether any of his pals had criticised his behaviour, he said: “No, they wouldn't be my best friends … They know me. They know who I am, and they have known me for a long time. And plus they've been in similar situations where you're sort of trying to balance - not trying, balancing fame and work and, you know, all the family components and everything else that comes along with it.”

While Charlie insists his drink and drug use is not out of hand, he has considered the possibility his lifestyle might kill him.

During an appearance on CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’, he said: “Have I thought I might die? Probably more subconsciously, not so much at the forefront of, you know, within the scenario or whatever's taking place. “Of course it had crossed my mind. I'd be a liar if I sat here and said it hadn't. But not to the point where I ever felt like I was blacking out or passing out or, you know, having a giant heart pain or something like that.”