Charlie Sheen's friends are worried he is going to die as he undertakes a massive cocaine-fueled bender in Los Angeles.

Just a week after he trashed a suite in the Plaza Hotel and was hospitalized, in New York, he is partying hard in Los Angeles.

The Sun reported that his friends have said "Charlie Sheen is going to die this week." Apparently he has been "partying with hookers" and using "massive amounts" of cocaine.

"Charlie's cocaine use is out of control. The situation has got even worse," said the source. "It's been a non-stop party of drugs and hookers since Charlie got home.

"He is completely out of control. No one can get through to him."

Sheen's manager Mark Burg says that these reports are simply "reckless lies". Burg said that he went to check on the actor and found him sitting on the couch having a sandwich. He said "He looked as normal as he's looked in a long time."