According to Charlie Sheen’s representative most of what has been reported surround the couple’s relationship in the last few months is completely false.

Stan Rosenfield issued a statement. He said “As to the reports regarding Charlie and Brooke - it's 90 percent speculation and 10 percent based on some element of truth….At one time there was talk of amending an existing pre-nup and that's all there was to that."

Rumors started to fly after Christmas Day last year. Mueller claimed that Sheen attacked her and later accused him of having an affair.

Meanwhile it seems that reports that Sheen will not be returning to “Two and a Half Men” on CBS might just be true. Sheen is asking for a whopping $1.5 million per episode.

CBS are only willing to hand over $1 million per show. Also not surprisingly they are a little bit nervous as Sheen could very well be in jail for his antics on Christmas Day by the time filming starts.