The pair’s track is set to be aired on US radio today ahead of its release at midnight (PST), and all proceeds from downloads of the song will go to the actor’s Torpedos Against Tornados foundation, set up to help victims of the recent tornadoes which devastated Tuscaloosa last month.

Rob Patterson – former guitarist with the rock band Korn, who co-wrote the track – told the Los Angeles Times newspaper the song is meant to be light-hearted, saying: "Look, it's a good song. But I honestly don't want people to take it seriously. It's meant to be fun and entertaining."

Explaining the lyrical content of the track, Charlie told E! News: "Well, the genesis of the song is about, you know, winning. It's just everything in life.

"I think Snoop did a really good job at kind of encapsulating the whole vibe of you know the movement."

Rob was the person who asked Snoop to come into the studio and record a rap for the track, and was surprised by how enthusiastic he was and how quickly the 'Drop it Like it's Hot' hitmaker got his part ready after coming over to Charlie's home studio.

Rob added: "He arrived at 9pm and was out by 11 pm. We were all shocked by how quickly and how professionally he was able to just bang it out."

The song was then finished by Rob in various hotel rooms while he accompanied Charlie on his ‘My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option’ tour.

The track itself stars off with former 'Batwatch' actress Carmen Electra saying "Oh, good evening, Mr. Sheen. Are you winning?"

Snoop then interjects, proclaiming "No, he's smokin' right now!"

The track will be available in both a family friendly version and a more hardcore rap version, complete with expletives, from iTunes.