The 30-year-old star's mum Marlene Jobert is also an actress but she thinks her daughter has entered a "terrible" profession and can't understand why the 'Casino Royale' beauty gets stressed when looking for work.

Asked if she asks her mum for advice, Eva said: "No, she's kind of appalled by what I do. Sometimes I get so worried [about a part] she'll say, 'Don't stress,' but there was less competition in her day. She'll discuss a role and we run through lines. She thinks acting is a terrible business and it's true that it's hard to depend on the judgment of other people all the time. You have to not take it personally, to be strong."

Eva – who has been single since splitting from actor Marton Csokas in 2009 – also insisted she was never interested in following in the footsteps of her father Walter and becoming a dentist.

She told The Observer magazine: "Oh God no, that would be so bad. I'd find it so intimate, like a gynaecologist. In fact, this is how he met my mother. It was, 'Oh hi, shall we go out?'"