Concetta Graves (pictured) was living a normal life in Orlando until the Casey Anthony case.

Now because she resembles America's most hated woman she has had to flee for her life and her brother has been beaten up defending her.

She has also been urged to change her hair style and stop dressing like Anthony.

"People have told me, 'Change your hair color; stay home while this is fresh in people's minds. Don't wear sunglasses and a baseball cap,'" Concetta Graves told WESH TV.

Last week in her local post office she learned the awful truth that people would mistake her.

"Some guy flung the door open real fast, and he was like, 'Oh my God! Is that Casey Anthony?'" Graves said.

Graves said while walking in her neighborhood with her brother ,she was attacked after three men in a pickup truck drove by shouting "baby killer."

"One of the guys charged at me and proceeded to push me to the ground," she said.

Her brother defended her but ended up with two black eyes.

"It's dangerous. It's scary, and if my story can help other people say before they react, 'Wait a minute; that's not her,' that would be a good thing because that's heartbreaking what happened to him," Concetta Graves said.


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