Rory  McIlroy has officially replaced his blond Belfast childhood sweetheart with a new model – the blond, top ranked women’s tennis player in the world, Caroline Wozniacki.

The latest sports power couple – let’s Brangelina them with the moniker Carory -- had their coming out in New Haven, Connecticut last week, where Caroline won a pre-U.S. Open tournament and her golf star beau was there to cheer her on.  McIlroy, 22, told reporters that it was fine to refer to Caroline as his girlfriend, and he gushed about how well they get on.

“Why it’s going so well is that we have so much in common,” he said. “Obviously, different sports, but we’re pretty much in the same position at a young age and we can talk about things that probably a lot of 21, 22-year olds can’t talk about. It’s nice to have someone that sort of understands what you’re going through.”
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The pair made no secret of their affection for each other. They smooched on court surrounded by members of the Yale football team after Caroline won a match last Friday, and they even did a joint interview on ESPN. 

“It’s great to have him there,” Caroline said. “It’s great to have someone who understands. It’s pretty unusual situation to be in at such a young age.

“Rory has achieved something very remarkable and great already, winning the U.S. Open at such a young age in golf. It’s something unheard of. It’s just great helping each other to keep the feet on the ground, even though that’s not so difficult. You know, it’s nice to have him here.”

McIlroy split from his long-term girlfriend Holly Sweeney not long after winning the U.S. Open. Though he’s been following Wozniacki around the U.S. these past couple of weeks, he’s back on the golf course this week in Switzerland so he won’t be in the stands as she attempts to win her first U.S. Open.