Harry Styles

The 27-year-old singer has a crush on the "charming" One Direction heartthrob although she thinks the 19-year-old pop star could be a bit young for her to date.

She told the Heatworld website: "I will say he's quite cute. And he's very talented.

"He's a little young for my taste if you're going in that direction, which I think you are, but he seems like a charming young man."

Carly is a fan of the music made by the boy band - which includes Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne - and loves their 2013 charity single 'One Way Or Another'.

She explained: "I think One Direction are great. I love the cover they did with 'One Way Or Another'. That's been a favourite song of mine for a while and I thought they did a really cute job of it."

Much like Harry's ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, who uses her heart break to inspire her music, Carly too uses her life experiences to shape her tracks.

She revealed: "I think I'm very inspired by real life. I'm also very inspired by other people's situations, not just my own, so I'm constantly eavesdropping on people and milking my friends for their latest dirtiest dish. I'll write down anything that comes to mind out of inspiration from that."

"[I've written songs about a] few [exes], but I'm hesitant to tell you more about that - just to save the other people involved."