Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy
Christopher Lawford, a cousin of Conor Kennedy, thinks everyone should butt out of his little cous’ relationship with 22-year-old pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Speaking to the Boston Herald, while promoting his new book, “Recover to Live” he said  whatever helps his young cousin, Conor Kennedy, needs to get over the tragic suicide of his mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy, is fine by him.

He said “Mary Richardson was a big-hearted individual who cared deeply for her kids and they’ve suffered greatly for her not being there.

“So whatever Conor has to do to comfort himself, he should do it as long as they are both happy and healthy ... and left alone.”

Lawford also praised Robert Kennedy, Conor’s father, for “always been a great father to his kids” and spending “a lot of time” with them since his estranged wife committed suicide last May.