I’m guessing when Danny O’Donoghue, from The Script, formed his band back in 1996 he never guessed that Cameron Diaz, one of the most desired women in the world would be slipping him her number on “The Today Show”.

That’s quite the way to start your weekend.

On Friday morning the Irish rockers got a real boost by being chosen to play on “The Today Show”. Cameron Diaz was also down on the set and she was spotted given our O’Donoghue her phone number.

It seems that O’Donoghue has a big fan. This is all despite the fact Diaz is seeing baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

An insider said “She ran up and told them that she was a big fan. She wanted to know when they would next be on tour.”

The source also confirmed that directly after “The Today Show” Cameron Diaz returned to Rodriguez’s apartment.

Oh well. I’m sure it’s a morning O’Donoghue will remember for some time.