The French actress began reading up on the art of magic after playing a sorceress in TV series 'Camelot' and she now believes that magic really does exist and is all around her.
She said: "Real magic is everywhere. It's in the winds and the sun and the moon; the earth and the trees."
The former Bond girl - who in the show portrays Morgan, a princess who gives herself over to dark forces in pursuit of magic powers to attain her father King Uther’s throne – thinks more people should make an effort to learn about sorcery.
She added to the Daily telegraph newspaper: "People are not connected to nature anymore. My character in the series is trying to restore the pagan ways."
The 30-year-old beauty filmed some naked scenes for 'Camelot’ and she insists she is prepared to take her clothes off on screen if the role requires nudity.
Eva – who stripped off for erotic French film 'The Dreamers' and James Bond movie 'Casino Royale' - said: "My god, in America it was a big deal to have a nude scene. 'The Dreamers' was my first feature film and I don't know if I could do it again, but I like to show emotions and if that means being naked, and it's not gratuitous, I might do it.
"With Bond it was fine, though, because they are not ready to show nipples in Bond films yet!"