Misha Barton, famous for her role in "The O.C." believes that moving around, from England to the U.S. when she was five-years-old made her a constant target for other kids because she was different.

The former child actress said "I think that's why I grew up so fast and have always been a bit of an outsider.

"I was in public school in New York where all the kids were in black jeans and Nike sneakers and I was wearing little stockings and Mary-Janes and perpetually getting my ass kicked in my bottle glasses."

At the time, ‘The O.C.' star yearned to be more popular at school, and found it difficult to accept she was picked on because she was an actress.

Mischa, now 24-years-old added "I still am insecure but young Mischa was terribly insecure. The kids around me at school had realized I was an actress and I started getting teased.

"I wasn't popular so it was easy to integrate me in and out without kids asking too many questions but then ‘The Sixth Sense' came out. I would have liked to have been popular. I would have liked to have not been on the periphery so much."