The actress – the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen - is set to undergo an “extreme” seven-day treatment course at a facility in Cancun, Mexico, which specializes in giving patients Ibogaine, a hallucinogen drug that will re-program her brain and cure her of her addictions, according to

In some studies the drug – which is made from extracts from the iboga plant - has been shown to interrupt addictions to alcohol, cocaine, methadone and heroin. It is not legal in the US.

Brooke - who has endured a long battle with drug and alcohol abuse - recently completed a 45-day treatment program at an unnamed facility
The news of her latest rehab plans come just days after Brooke – who
has two-year-old twin sons Bob and Max with Charlie - was involved in a row with a flight attendant last week.

The 33-year-old blonde beauty was on a United Airlines flight to Cancun when she was prevented from using the restroom on board because the plane was about to depart.

After an arguing with a stewardess, the reality TV star exited the aircraft, though it is not known if she was ejected from the plane or allowed to disembark of her own accord.


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