The former wife of Charlie Sheen – who has reportedly reconciled with the troubled actor and father of her two-year-old twin sons Bob and Max – was on a United Airlines flight to Cancun in Mexico when she was prevented from using the restroom on board because the plane was about to depart.

Although Brooke claims the flight attendant was rude and replied “tough” when she explained she had to vomit, a witness told gossip website TMZ that the 33-year-old reality TV star was "belligerent and cussing out" the staff member.

The real estate agent is said to have gone "ballistic" and demanded to leave the plane, which she was allowed to do, though it is not known if she was ejected from the flight or allowed to dismount of her own accord.

Brooke – who has endured a long battle with drug and alcohol abuse – recently completed a 45 day treatment program at an unnamed rehab facility and is said to be doing "amazing."

A source revealed: "Brooke is just taking it a day at a time. She has been down this road before and she knows what she has to do.

"Brooke needs to continue to play an active role in her sobriety. When she goes to her AA meetings everyday and talks regularly with her sponsor, she does amazing."

The actress has completed an outpatient program which allowed her to spend eight hours a day with her sons and now she will be spending every day with them, and every other weekend.

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