Read more: Charlie Sheen back on booze, wife crack addict says report

The troubled actor recently revealed he wants her and his other ex-wife Denise Richards, with whom he has daughters Sam, six, and Lola, five, to move in to his exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood and Brooke – who he is in the process of divorcing -has agreed to relocate with their twin sons Bob and Max, 23 months, because she believes it would be beneficial to his sobriety.

A source told "Once Charlie talked to Brooke about his idea, it just made perfect sense to her. Brooke wants to help Charlie in his path to sobriety, and having the boys closer, can only help him."

"She is planning on taking Charlie up on his very generous offer. Brooke thinks it’s a great idea because Charlie can see their twin sons on a daily basis. It's much easier for Charlie to visit the twins if he is neighbors with Brooke.

"Even though they live less than 15 miles away from each other, traffic in LA is notorious, and at times it can take up to an hour one way. Brooke is very impressed with Charlie's actions, and very thankful to him for the very generous offer.”
It is unclear if Denise will accept his offer.

While Charlie returned to work accompanied by his new unnamed girlfriend, it is unclear if the scene he was shooting was for his TV show ‘Two and a Half Men’.

A photographer told website X17Online: "Charlie seemed rested and happy to be back at work. He posed for us with his girlfriend; he was kind of showing her off."

Meanwhile Charlie’s father Martin Sheen revealed he is trying to help his son “with prayer”.

He said: “We lift him up and we ask everyone who cares about him to lift him up and life up all those who are in the grip of drug and alcohol abuse because they are looking for transcendence."

Read more: Charlie Sheen back on booze, wife crack addict says report