Some people still won't let it go. Brittany Murphy and her husband died months apart from essentially different causes but there are some questions that are still making the public ask questions.

The British website, Holy Moly, questioned the fact that both Murphy and Simon Monjack were suffering from anemia and pneumonia when they died, although they died months apart. It's hard to know whether the site is inferring that the pair died from poisoning.

It could have been, simply, that they ate the same food and lived the same lifestyle leaving them susceptible to anemia and that they were simply too slow in realizing that they had pneumonia. However, it is strange that this would have happened twice in the same household, all within a few months.

Holy Moly's other theories are even more strange. The site states the coroner's report, Sharon Murphy, Brittany's Mother showed the coroner around the family house during the investigation. She pointed to the marital bed and pointed to one side referring as it to her side. Does that mean she was sharing a bed with her daughter's widower after her daughter's death? I'm sure they have it wrong.

They also report on Brittany pulling a Michael Jackson and releasing new material posthumously. In a scene in a new film called "Abandoned" she is shown being carried on a stretcher.