Niall Horan
Another day, another One Direction tale. The megaband that every teen girl in the world seems to love has a cute Irish member, Niall Horan, who has developed a drinking problem at the tender age of 18 if Brit tabloids are to believed.

One of them reported that Niall’s dad in Co. Westmeath texted his 1D bandmate Harry Styles to warn him about his son’s alcohol use and to keep an eye on him. But, surprise surprise, the story is false.

“It’s complete bulls***,” a source told the Irish Sun. “As if members of his family would even talk about something like that if it were true. It’s all rubbish. Niall has his head well screwed on.”

In better news for the teen heartthrob, Horan is the top Irish guy on Twitter with more than six million followers. The Belfast Telegraph says that Rory McIlroy is the next most popular Irishman with a million followers, so clearly it’s going to take some doing to best Niall, who adds thousands of new fans every day.

“What a surprise to wake up to! Six million followers! Guys u are amazing, can’t say it enough. Thank you!” he tweeted on Monday after passing the six mil mark.