Oh dear Camilla Parker Bowles has broken a leg -- not while acting on stage we're told but while hiking in Scotland.

The woman how shall forever be remembered for the future king wishing he could be her tampon is recovering nicely we are told from the unfortunate incident.

Her husband, the greatest welfare king in history, utterly supported in his many worthless endeavors by the British taxpayer, flew to be by her side.

Meanwhile the next generation of lucky sperm club members and welfare kings, William and his bride to be Kate, may or may not be getting engaged in June.

The rumor of it sparked a knickers in a twist moment at the palace as they denied loudly but then reports filtered in that 300 bottles of expensive champagne had been ordered by the palace from the frogs, er French.

Just the thing to brighten up the British who are in deep recession like the rest of us, the royals cavorting on the public purse while the peasants press their noses to the window,

Jolly good show what?