The 'Bridesmaids' actress fell in love with the part of Grace in 2005 drama 'Manderlay' and was devastated when director Lars von Trier overlooked her audition in favour of Bryce Dallas Howard.

Rose said: "I auditioned for 'Manderlay'. It was a three-hour workshop. A proper shot at it, and an unforgettable experience. But he gave it to Bryce Dallas Howard instead.

"When I found out, I got really blue, got into bed for three days, ate bad food and watched TV – all the usual cliches.

"And that's the funny thing about acting. It asks two totally opposing things of you, to be vulnerable and expose yourself, and yet to have a thick skin and be really tough because you're constantly being rejected."
The 31-year-old star also blasted the attitudes of other actresses for their less-than-supportive behaviour with one another.

She added: "It may be a negative cliché to say that women together are competitive but it's true. And actresses for one are insanely competitive.

"Some actresses have outright contempt for each other. If someone is doing better, they're envious. You feel it on set. And I've worked with so many women like that.

"They're cold and unwelcoming yet change completely around men."